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Medieval Farms

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Farming simulation fun for all ages. Grow crops, level your barnyard, raise livestock, and more! 5 farms to play and grow. Ton's of achievements to earn through your farming journey. Play the Android app Offline or Online on Mobile or PC

Stacker - Boxes of Balance

Stack the boxes and get the high score. Quick 60 second game sessions are Snack size fun that keeps you coming back for more!

Gui Bubble Story

-PLAY- Follow the kids as they help the wizard free the world from the mayhem of the evil bubble wizard. 96 levels of Bubble popping fun with new zones every six boards. Warp your away across the universe with Bubble Popping fun like you have never seen.

Star Match 2048

Get it on Google Play
Merge the stars like 2048; Don't let the board fill up!

Gui SpellMatch

-PLAY- Match 3 fun like you have never experienced. Battle through 3 tournaments, matching spells to attack. But watch out, they fight back! Level your spells for increased damage!
Can you win the SpellMatch?

Gui Slide Puzzle

-PLAY- Unique Match 3 play where the whole row or column can be rotated as far as you want. Watch the timer and earn the Score Goal to Level Up and gain more time. Earn StarCash for every level completed!

Gui Gem Trax

-PLAY- Create tracks of the same color to collect the gems. Level Up and earn time to keep playing! Flow meets Match3 in this addictive puzzle game!

Gui Match

-PLAY- Classic match 3 with lots of kid friendly images to match with as you level up. This game is designed for younger players.


GuiGhost skinned Tetris. Classic Fun that's mobile friendly. Choose from multiple themes to match your style. Touch or keyboard controls.

Gui Suduku

-PLAY- Classic Soduku made for my daughter. Can you master Soduku?

About Us

Family Friendly

No cursing, blood, gore, alcohol, drugs, or provocative subjects. EVER. We pride ourselves on making family friendly games.

Play on Any Device

Mobile 1st development with a focus on responsiveness is our goal. From your phone to your PC, and the Tablet in between, we aim for the same game to work across all platforms.

Unified Bonus Currency

All GuiGhost Games on the web use a unified "StarCash" system. This means what you earn in one game can be spent on bonuses and power ups to help in another! Need boosts to beat that next opponent in SpellMatch? Head on over to Gui Bubble Story to play a few levels and earn some StarCash. Then head back to SpellMatch and show that wizard who's boss!

Always growing and improving

GuiGhost games is always working on improving existing games, as well as working on new and exciting projects to come. Seriously, I don't sleep! Check back often as we continue to expand our library of casual Family Friendly Free Online Games.
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